"Sisters Are Our Miracle"
In life a gift of love is there,
It's always by your side...
Walking with you in a breeze,
In whispers and sweet sighs...
Sisters are a miracle,
That cling within your soul...
A most endearing memory,
To last until your old...
Then one day they slip away,
Your hearts alone and blue...
All those words you do not hear,
Are etched so deep in you...
Your heart will keep the treasury,
That bonds in life of love...
While wings above protecting you,
Our sister's beauty of...
So many times we hold so dear,
That keep us going on...
The memories that linger there,
We keep our dreams upon...
So all who left are watching us,
In heaven's special grove...
Where sisters are all waiting now,
With love in life they wove...
We shall all be one again,
Our spirits all entwined...
Sharing all the happiness,
In memories defined...
All our dreams in life will be,
The gift that never ends...
Sisters are our special hearts,
Life's devoted friends...
~  Francine Pucillo  ~
(c) Copyright August 8, 2005

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(This poem was written exclusively for Cathy in memory of her sisters Eileen & Elly)
by Francine
Thank You So Much (((Francine)))
From Bill
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