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"Oh,Kenny Boy"
Thank You So Much Dolores...May The Lord Always Smile Upon Ye :)
Oh Kenny boy,our Lord,our Lord came calling
And took you home to heaven with him to be;
Now I'm alone and all my tears are falling,
For your sweet smile on earth no more I'll see.
You'll not come back,But someday I will join you;
When Jesus calls me, I'll be glad to go,
For He will take me to you far beyond the blue.
Oh, Kenny Boy,oh kenny boy,I Love You So.

Oh,Kenny boy, Your days on earth seemed far to few,
And never did I think you'd have to go
Without a chance to hold you close and bid adieu-
Oh, Kenny boy,Oh Kenny Boy I Miss You So.
And yet I know that you are happy,oh, my dear,
For all your pain and troubles now are through;
And when my time for leaving this sad earth is through,
I know for sure that I'll be joining you.

Oh,Kenny boy, I don't know how long I'll be here;
I only know our Lord still has work for me;
So when I'm sad, I'll try to dry up all my tears and think
Instead, how happy you must be.
And someday when my work down here on earth is done,
He'll come and take me to that golden shore,
Where we will be forever happy,precious one,
And death and pain and tears will be no more...

With love to Kenny's family,
Saralyn McAfee Smith
copyright Please do not remove without permission
Thank You Saralyn
"Give Him Back To Me"
Blessed Mother up above,
Give my son all Your love.
Hold him tight against Your breast,
Let him lay his head to rest.

No more pain or endless suffering,
Only tenderness and cuddling.
And Please Dear Mother Hear My Plea,
when I die,
Give Him Back To Me.
Thank You So Very Much Saralyn For Putting These Words For My Kenny To This Song...PLEASE Visit ^Robbie^ Saralyn's Son By Just Clicking On The Train Below
Not a drum was heard,not a funeral note,
As his corse to the rampart we hurried;
Not a soldier discharged his farewell shot
O'er the grave where our hero is buried
Excerpt from "The burial of Sir John Moore"
By Charles Wolfe  1791~1823
Author Unknown
Thank You (((((Dot)))))
4ever My Son, 4ever My Angel