"God Will Not Look You Over For Medals Or Trophies,
But For Scars."
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"I Knew I Would Look Back At The Tears And Laugh,
But I Never Knew I Would Look Back At The Laughter And Cry"
I think maybe in every large family there are small "groups"...
For example: Gloris,Dolores & Joey~~Dawn & Andrew~~Marley Buddy & Eileen~~Paddy & Charley~~Cathy, Kenny & Timmy...
So it was in my family... Each small group having Everything to do with each other group,  But having more memories within their  own little "group".
Many of my childhood memories are with all of my brothers and sisters, But most of my memories involve Kenny & Timmy.
Timmy, being 5 years younger than me, Is the only one that I remember being born.
Kenny being less then 2 years older was so close to me in age that we were always together as children and that kept up through out our lives.
Timmy I think was with out a doubt the most beautiful baby I ever saw,even as I grew up and saw many other babies in my family as well as friends babies I still would have to say Timmy was The Most Beautiful.
Kenny was the most sweetest child And Adult I ever met in my life.With a GREAT Sense of Humor, even if you happen to be the target of his humor you wouldn't mind because he was a gentle guy. All my brothers are very handsome, but some have said Kenny is the best looking.
I think they are ALL Handsome.
Together Kenny & Timmy made a wonderful team as brothers and friends.
Every step of my life I remember Kenny & Timmy being part of.
When I first moved out of my parents
(i moved across the street to a furnished room) Kenny & Timmy were the ones who visited me most, Sometimes to make sure I ate. When I had my first baby it was Kenny & Timmy (with my Mom) who came to take me and my baby girl home.Timmy was the first outside of the hospital to hold my baby, and Kenny was the second. Boy did that little tiny baby keep the three of us up Many nights, until my Mom came out of her room to bring the baby back in her room with her to put to put the baby to sleep.
But Kenny & Timmy never complained to my Mom about the baby keeping them awake
(i complained enough for all three of us)...
Kenny & Timmy hung out together Always...
They were really the Best Of Friends.
In August 1995 My brother Kenny was a strong healthy (we all thought) 45 year old man. He started stumbling and falling in the middle of August...He went to the doctor with Timmy and our nephew Danny,
The doctor at the emergency room dx Kenny with a pulled muscle and told him to rest and gave him muscle relaxers.
They were so wrong... My brother Kenny became weaker as the days passed (he could no longer walk or lift his arms) and
Danny & Timmy brought him to a chiropractor who refused to touch Kenny, instead he sent Kenny to the hospital.
Within 5 hours my brother was operated on and they found cancer... The cancer was pressing on the left back of Kennys neck causing paralysis from the neck down.
They said he would have to undergo chemo & radiation, Kenny was willing and ready to fight...Kenny was moving his arms and legs a few days after the operation, He was able to throw a softball across the room by the forth day after the operation and so many other improvements Kenny was able to make under the wonderful care of the Montifiore staff ... Sadly the hospital did not have (at that time) the equipment needed to start chemo & radiation treatment for Kenny so on September 11 they had to move Kenny to Einstein Hospital to start treament & physical therapy.
On September 12 Kenny went to his first physical therapy (but the staff did not give Kenny the meds, like blood thinners & so on that Kenny was taking at Montifiore )
When they brought my brother back to his room from Physical therapy he suffered a Fatal heart attack,
that was on September 12 1995...
We were all shocked and heartbroken...
Timmy was devastated !!! He couldn't cope with Kenny being so ill,
But losing Kenny,
That would be Unimaginable for any of us,
But for Timmy it was THE END...
Let me say here that I clearly remember Kenny & Timmy making a pact that if one became ill or died the other would NOT visit the other or go to the funeral(the pact was a little more involved then that but I can't say it all because I was part of that pact and I think it would betray it to say to much about it here)...
Timmy became very dispondent and talked to no one. He started to get involved with drugs (not "over the counter" kind) and Timmys marraige fell apart (although Timmys wife Lee loved him dearly even till today),
It seemed that nobody could help Timmy.
I know my brothers are together...
I believe My Mom met my brother Kenny the moment he had that heart attack, I really know that if God could give my Mom one wish from heaven she would ask
"Please don't let my son Kenny suffer anymore",
I think God heard her wish and let her meet her son at that moment...
But the suffering Timmy did maybe my Mom couldn't help, If she could have I'm sure she would have ...
Timmy I think was met by my father,
I think my Dad saw Timmys suffering and asked God the same thing my Mom asked for Kenny 5 months earlier,God heard my Dad...
My little brother Timmy  completed suicide
on Sunday morning February 25 1995
Three years almost to the day (February 26th)
that my Mom left us.
my brother Buddy called to tell me about Timmy...
I love my brothers so much...
I miss them with every part of me...
I wish I could hang out over a cup of tea with them once again...Someday...
"All That Lives, Lives Forever,
Only The Perishable Passes Away"
Bhagavad Gita
Bhagavad Gita means
"Song Of God"
My brother Kenny
My brother Timmy
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