Matthew In Gods Hands
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Thank You Sara Duncan
Mark and Whendy's Mom For This Beautiful Picture Of
Matthew And Steven
Brothers In Heaven Forever
To (((((Patricia))))) With Love
In Memory Of Your Son ^Matthew^...
Maintain'd by Cathy ^Kenny's^ Mom
Poem Above Written by/copyright Cathy Bowen For My Friend Patricia Kusila
In Loving Memory Of Her Son
Matthew Joseph Kusila.
PLEASE Do Not Remove  Thank You.
Matthew Joseph Kusila
Aug. 25,1989~September 11,1990
Matthew Joseph Kusila
August 25,1989~September 11,1990
As a nation mourns today
With grieving hearts as one,
She sits and mourns the loss of
her little boy her Son...
In Washington,Pennsylvania
and New York City too,
Matthew, not a single name will be called in memory of you...
Yes in her heart her dear little boy
Only memories of him will bring her heart joy.
The world all around her grieves nine one one,
But she grieves alone
for her little boy,Her Son...
Some question and say
"It's time to move on"
They can't understand this Mom since her baby boy has gone...
Everyone gathers in large groups holding hands,
Giving support to each other
and the world understands.
But this Mom on this day grievs all alone
Since her baby, Her Matthew
with the angels has flown...
Nine One One
In the worlds history, Goes down in the book,
But one Mom grieves alone
with hardly a look...
Why can't people understand how this
Moms heart still breaks
without her sons here, her body still aches...
Nine One One means so much
to this Nation that's true,
But to this Mother it means Matthew another year without you.
As names are called out,
As the roll call moves on,
This Mother grieves alone
because her son too is gone.
As a Nation grieves the impact of such a terrorist act,
This Mom grieves alone with her heart barely intact.
A baby sat in Heaven
looking down from above,
As so many lost the
ones that they too truly love.
Now we all grieve the shock and
we honor that day
that our nation was attacked
in such a cowardly way...
As we all morn together a nation as one,
Can You Please take a moment
to also remember her son.
Seven years in Heaven that's how much time has for them passed...
But for this Mom 18 years  since she touched her baby last...
Her little boy she held just past one year old
When up to Heaven he went
for Jesus now to hold.
In Loving Memory
Matthew Joseph Kusila
Thank You So Very Much Susie Jason's Mom
This Gift Is Beautiful!
I Thank You So Very Much (((((Susie)))))Jason's Mom
For this gift for Steven
Thank You Saralyn Robbie's Mom, This is Beautiful
Thank You so much (((((Karen))))) Geoffrey's Mom
Thank You So Much Elena Dennis's Mom,BEAUTIFUL.
Thank You (((((Ann))))), Jason's
Mom for Matthew's Beautiful gift
And again (((((Ann))))) Jason's Mom
Thank You For Stevens Gift Also
Thank You Sue~Anne Lee's Mom, This is Lovely